Sunday March 17th , 2019

 Announcements for 17th of March 2019. Sunday.

1.    I am happy to thank you all for your prayerful Participation in Today’s Worship.  God Almighty may release all the burden of our sins and gives us a pleasant and blessed days ahead. Especially our heartful thanks to Rev.Dr.T.S.Thomas who conducted the Holy communion for today. Our heartful thanks to all the Sevika Sangam members for their melodious songs and support for today’s worship.


2.    On Sunday March 24th, 2019 at 9am will have the Sunday school common session followed by holy communion in English at 10. am. Please come with prayer and preparation.


We the Canadian MarThoma Church family express our sincere greetings to all our members who are celebrating their birthdays and wedding anniversaries during this week.



3.    Prayer meetings

. There will be an area 3 prayer meeting at the residence of Mrs & mr.George Abraham on Sunday 17th of March 2019 at 5pm. Their address is 62, Grosbeak crescent Scarborough.


4.    Lent Prayer.

1.On March 21st at 7.30pm there will be a lent prayer meeting at the residence of Mrs.& Mr. George Mathai, Their address is 23 Richard Underhill Avenue, Stouffville.


2. On March 22nd 2019 at 7.30pm will have a lent prayer at the residence of Mrs.&Mr.George Mathew. Their address is 67, Janray drive, Scarborough.


I request all our members may please fast to feast.


5.    There will be a senior citizens fellowship meeting on 17th of March 2019 (Today) after the Service. All senior fellowship members may please attend prayerfully.


6.    Announcement regarding the MTVEA diocesan conference at St. Mathew’s MarThoma Church, Toronto Scheduled on 1st- 4th of August 2019.


7.    Collection for Thomson Thomas. We collected $5100.00. The list is in the notice board. Please check. Thanks to the coordinators Mr. Itty Thomas and Mrs. Sunitha Alexander.


8.    Family Portraits and Malayalam Classes.



9.    Choir Audition. Last audition Today


10. Birth Announcement


Our members Mr. Varghese Pothen and Mrs. Elisabeth Pothen are blessed with a granddaughter Rachel Pothen on February 07th,2019.

 Parents are Amanda and Thomas Pothen (Manu)



11. Offertory collected on Sunday March 10th. Birthday Offertory - $700.00General offertory - $870.00, Diocesan Sunday collection $425.00


12. Any Visitors or New comers please: -


13. Maramon Convention songs are available in USB for $10.00 per USB. Please contact Mr. Alexander P. Alexander.