May 8,2022

Happy Mothers Day.

Announcements for May 8th  , 2022


1.     Next Sunday, May 15th, we will have Holy Communion service in Malayalam at 10:00 am.

      The service is also live streamed on our YouTube Channel.

2.     A gentle reminder about mask requirements

     Wearing of masks is mandatory within the church premises during the services.

3.     Executive Committee Meeting Notice


4.     Prayer Meetings

1)      Fasting prayer will be held on Wednesday, May 11th @10:30 am virtually using Google meet.


2)      Edavaka mission regular weekly prayer meeting will be held on Friday, May 13th at 8.00PM through Google meet.


3)      Chain prayer will be on Saturday from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm


5.     Sevika Sanghom Announcement


Sevika Sanghom Monthly prayer meeting is scheduled on Thursday,May 12th from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm on google meet. All sevika sanghom members are requested to attend.


From Jeena Sajan,Sevika Sanghom secretary.


6.     Senior Fellowship Announcement


A  senior fellowship meeting is scheduled on Thursday, May 12th  at 10.30 am at our church. Fellowship lunch will be served to all attendees after the meeting. So if you are attending this meeting, please let the Senior Fellowship coordinator Mr.Mathew C.Samuel know for making the necessary food arrangements. Also, if anyone would like to showcase your talents, please contact Mr. Mathew C.Samuel. Please attend this meeting prayerfully.

7.     Youth Fellowship Announcement


As per the North American tradition, the second Sunday of every May is celebrated as Happy Mother's Day. On this auspicious occasion, we'd like to honor all women,  especially our mothers, mentors, all maternal relationships in our life including those whom God has placed in our life to reflect his motherly affection towards us. After service today, the youth fellowship will be distributing flowers in the foyer.



8.      Thank you


Thank you Roji Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service and for a meaningful sermon.


Thank you all once again. Stay safe and have a blessed week ahead !!