August 20,2023

 1.       Next Sunday, August 27th we will have Holy Communion service in English at 10:00 am.

2.           If God willing, our parish picnic will be held on next Saturday at Bruce’s Mills Conservation Park,Stouffville.

Picnic will start at 9.30 AM with breakfast and breakfast will close at 10.30 AM.

We have lucky draws arranged to win exciting prices. 

Sincere thanks to David Mathew of Auto Planet for donating $250 for Lucky draw prices.

Please remember picnic in your daily prayers and let us hope for an exciting day filled with fellowship, food and fun.

Free Parking tickets will be distributed today after the service. Parking tickets will not be issued on the day of picnic.

Only Printed parking tickets will be accepted by the Park authorities. Church will not be reimbursing the Parking fee (Approximately $7 per person) if you pay directly at the gate.

 If any questions or concerns, please contact Baiju Thomas or registration coordinators Praveen Thomas or Deepak Sam.

3.               Harvest Festival Announcement

4.               The Sunday school annual Talent show

Dear parents and students,


The Sunday school annual Talent show for the Academic year 2023-2024 is planned to be held on  Saturday, 30-September.
The Bible memory verse competition will be oral for grades Nursery to grade 4. From grade 5 till grade 12 it will be written.
The memory verse must be from Psalms  - Only full chapters and no random verses.
The students can select the chapters of their choice. Verses should be from the NRSV Bible.
The winners will be decided  based on the  total number of memory verses .
We are sharing information about the memory verse competition in advance so that students can prepare during the summer holidays.
More details about the Talent show competition will be announced in the upcoming days


From Praveen Thomas, Sunday School Representative.


5.               Onam celebrations took place in our church last Sunday. Thanks to Yuvajana Sakhyam for organizing this event and to the sub organizations and members for your active participation in the cultural programs and Onam Sadhya. Let's watch a short video highlighting this event.

6.               Students who graduated this year and going to the College/Universities this September are requested to give their names at the earliest to myself or to Mr. Deepak Sam.

7.               The recently concluded Executive Committee meeting considered a  request from ABC Academy of Music to utilize one of our church rooms for conducting a 45-minute class every Friday at 11 am, Commencing in October and concluding in June and granted approval after discussions.

ABC Academy of Music is a music school that specializes in offering Music, Movement, and Instrumental Classes designed for children aged from Birth through 8 years, accompanied by their caregivers. The academy has also agreed to extend discounted rates to families within our parish who express interest in enrolling their children for this particular class.

As a preliminary introduction to their teaching approach, ABC Academy of Music is organizing a demonstration session on the upcoming Sunday, August 27th , immediately following the service. Families with young children who wish to explore this opportunity are cordially invited to participate in the demo session

and register your child by sending your contact details via email to


8.               Fasting Prayer will be held on Wednesday, August 23rd  at 10:30 am via Google Meet.

9.               Edavaka Mission Prayer Meeting


The Edavaka Mission's weekly Friday prayer meeting for this week has been canceled.

10.           We are looking forward for generous sponsors for the trees to be planted in our church premises. If you are interested and need any further details, please reach out to our Trustees.

11.           Thanks to the Area-3 Prayer group members for providing assistance in Today’s service.

12.           Thanks to Dr. C.M.Varghese Achen for delivering the Word of God.